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  Links of Distinction

In the seminal days of the Internet, it was standard operating procedure to include a page of links on your website. In those days, there wasn't a lot of content on the World Wide Web and it was considered common courtesy to share some of the better ones; but that paradigm began to slip away after the atomic bomb of content hit the Web. Now it's rare to see an entire page dedicated to links. So that's what we've done.

There's no categorical order here. The links come and they go. Feel free to recommend your faves. We'd be delighted to include them.

Enough with the chit chat. Ladies and Gentlemen, Links of Distinction!

Wimbledon The most civilized event in the world of sports.

Laurie Excell  Laurie is the consummate professional photographer. She takes on a wide variety of subjects with the touch of a master. Her site is filled with breathtaking photos. And, she's a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Macworld Which reports on Appleworld, the center of the Universe.

Duluth Pack  This is my favorite store on the planet. It is, however, located in Duluth, Minnesota, which makes for challenging logistics and fortunately limits my visits.

McSpadden Dulcimers  The dulcimers that appear in the photographs on this site were crafted in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Mine were made in 1999.

Blue Lion Dulcimers and Guitars: These people make some incredible instruments. If you're wondering what to get me for my birthday this year, a Blue Lion dulcimer would definitely work.

United Stated Copyright Office  The eCO (Electronic Copyright Office) is easy to use and inexpensive, so no excuses, people—take responsibility for protecting your intellectual property.

Dick Reeves Design  There are a lot of so-called "designers" out there but, for my money, Dick Reeves is the best. Head and shoulders. He's been a major presence in Austin for decades—for a reason.

Rand McNally Mileage Calculator  If you just want to know the distance from Point A to Point B without any brouhaha, this is as fast and simple as it comes.

Mystery Scene  It's the online site for the best hardcore mystery magazine we've seen.

Brainy Quote  And when I say a quote for every occasion, I'm serious.

San Antonio Spurs  The official site for your San Antonio Spurs!

The Firesign Theater  I've been a Firesign Theater fan all my life. In my world, the Firesign Theater is an oft-quoted source.

Matt's Famous El Rancho  An Austin fixture for decades, this is the definitive Tex-Mex cuisine. Accept no substitutes.

The McNay Art Museum  This wonderful art museum is in San Antonio and its a personal fave. The last exhibition I saw there was The Drawings and Paintings of Pablo Picasso, which was outstanding.

Paulville Paul's nostalgic Americana drawings take tee-shirt art to a different place. Easy to see why they're popular in Austin. I have two.

B&H Photo If you need to buy pro photo, movie, and sound equipment, B&H might be your best bet. Cpmpetitive prices, and they stand behind what they sell. I shop there often.

The U.S. Open 2014 The last Grand Slam of the year on the pro tennis circuit. On the women's side, the tournament is wide open. In the men's draw, the old guard is faltering and promising new faces are everywhere. It's big, it's loud, it's the U.S. Open.

The Fred Society Need a FRED-MART tee? How about a button that says FRED NECK! I especially like the "Fred is my Copilot" bumper sticker. Get them all (and much more) here.

Big Bend National Park was established on June 12, 1944, and is the oldest and largest national park in Texas and protects 800,000 acres of ecologically irreplaceable Chihuahuan desert. Big Bend accommodates more than 1,200 plant species, 56 reptile species, 75 mammal species, 3,600 insect species, 40 fish species, 450 bird species, and 11 amphibian species that live within the park. In addition, the park protects 1,400 archaeological sites, 76 historic structures, and 10 historic districts.

The Reata My eatery of choice in midtown Alpine, Texas. The steaks live up to their reputation.

Chip Martin Chip is a fine musician and songwriter who doesn't choose to follow the crowd. His music is original, daring, and cinematic. In addition, Chip is truly a Renaissance man who is accomplished in many of life's arts, including being one of the finest gourmet chefs around.

Literary Hub If you're a reader or a writer, you'll love the site. It's a place where readers can return each day for smart, engaged, and entertaining writing about all things books.

SPUTNIK: The Shock of the Century It shocked the nation like nothing else had. I still recall that night, hearing the news on black and white television, and going outside to look up at the sky in a completely different way. If you're a Baby Boomer, this book is a must read.

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